Hey! My name is Manu, and...

I develop quality
apps & websites

What do I do?

I'm a React developer experienced with Node, Next.JS, Prisma, SQL, as well Vercel and web development.

My projects

Here are some of my amazing projects. My projects are free and open source.

Carbon is a home organizer app which helps you track your inventory, groceries, lists, and more!

Availabiliy (Planned)

Availability helps you find the best time to meet with your friends, colleagues, etc.

IHS FlexTime

Revamp of Irvine High School's FlexTime system. This is a work in progress.

Popvote (BETA)

Popvote is a voting app which allows you to create polls and vote on them

SchoolNerd (Deprecated)

Schoolnerd is a school management app which helps you manage your school, students, and teachers. (2020 1st place winner - HackOR)

Events & Awards

  • 2022

    CyberPatriot 2023 participant

  • 2021

    CyberPatriot 2021 semifinal round qualifier

  • 2020

    CyberPatriot 2020
    1st place in HackOR


Full stack developer • California, USA